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2007/04/05 § 1 comentari

Mugshot is the new interesting project by RedHat, that might make the Gnome Desktop something really exciting.

But If I write here today about it, is because I really liked its login system, which is without a password. Mugshot just asked me my e-mail address and then sent me a login link.

This is very clever, because today we have so many passwords that, at the end, we have to click to the “forgot your password?” link, quite often.

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  • Iñigo escrigué:

    Problems with login when one has a lot of accounts is a very difficult problem to solve. Mugshot’s option to send auth-key at the url’s macro is not new, and anyway if this method was frequent situation would not be so different than the current: one would have a lot of links that could be stored in bookmarks or files as passwords. Security problems would be present as always.

    I think it’s also interesting to notice the tendency on the web toward portal as framework to organize information and relationships. Mugshot is a new example of that.

    PD.: It’s a pity that one must have a google account to post comments. :-(

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